Waterfinders specialises in groundwater exploration. The company was created in 2002 after many years in which Jose Luis Castelló studied groundwater, its behaviour and its recharges, along with the drilling of many different boreholes – the first being in 1977. All of this information enabled us to develop a method to locate continuous recharge groundwater, which was when we created Waterfinders, S.L. to deal exclusively in groundwater exploration and consulting to determine the different possible uses of the water found. It was at this stage that Luis Castelló actively joined the team, having previously taken part in these studies in a sporadic manner.


Since 2002 we have optimised our groundwater locating method thanks, among others, to the arrival of new technologies. However, it was developed over many years of work to result in a system based on traditional methods that combines geology, satellite images and new technologies to enhance the groundwater geolocation process to reach optimal levels. This has enabled us to define several parameters prior to drilling, such as the flow rate, the depth and the difference between cold and thermal water, among others.