Waterfinders, S.L.


After years of studying groundwater recharge, we saw that, apart from local filtrations that lead to surficial aquifers that are often captive and frequently unstable, as they depend on the rainfall in nearby areas, there are also underground «rivers» that recharge different aquifers. These recharges do not depend on rainfall in a specific area because they are often long “rivers” with multiple recharges, the main recharge points being:

  1. Large mountain chains and mountainous areas.
  2. The seabed. 

Waterfinders, S.L. specialises in detecting these aquifers with multiple recharges, with the water found having a much more stable flow rate over the year. This avoids problems of seasonality and ensures that the quality of the water found is often greater than that of captive aquifers, which are more prone to surficial contamination.